Dee Parker with Ollie and Noah

My two children have been swimming with Flippers and Fins for the last 9 years since they were six months old and have loved every lesson.  The teaching standard is excellent and the instructors very caring and friendly.  We wouldn’t go anywhere else!  

Nic with Jacob and Lauren

Both of my children have been swimming with Flippers and Fins for a lot of years.  My son joined when he was about 3 (having done baby lessons previously in Hove where we lived).  My daughter has been at Flippers & Fins since she was 3 months old.  This summer my son (11) swam 1000m for his badge achievement and my daughter (8) swam 50m.  This is just the most amazing achievement for both of them of course but would not have been possible without the lessons they have had over the years which have given them such confidence and skill.  As a child I did not have lessons, I am confident but not what you would call "stylish" in a pool!  Most importantly, I know that both of my children can swim themselves to safety (within reason) and I am confident letting them swim on holiday without having to constantly be in the water with them or watch them intently - although of course I do watch them as you never know what could happen - it's just nice to be able to relax a little around a pool/beach area.I cannot recommend Flippers & Fins enough and will continue to take my children to Anne and her team for some years to come - thank you Flippers & Fins

Caroline Santer with Anya and Isla

Our two daughter's have been swimming with Flippers & Fins now for over two years & in that time we have seen their confidence grow and develop wonderfully. Our eldest daughter has some additional needs and with Anne's help she has come on in leaps and bounds. What I love about swimming with Flippers & Fins is that the group's are small & friendly, the pool is just the right size & the instructors are patient, sensitive and are committed. They see the potential in our children and as a team help them to achieve. In our case what Anne has taught our girls is more than just about swimming.  I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them. ;-)

Lucy with Elliot and Phoebe

If you are looking for your children to be safe, confident and enjoy water I cannot recommend "Flippers & Fins" enough!!...When I had children I wanted them to enhance my life so knew that they would be coming with us on holidays and join in with hobbies which meant I needed the children to be able to swim confidently and safely. Both my children started to have swimming lessons at 9 weeks old and are now 6 yrs & 4 yrs and are both above average in both their swimming ability and recognition of being safe around water, I put this down to Eve who in my opinion is not only a very talented swimming teacher but very good at building a excellent relationship with both children & parents. The lines of communication 

are good with types of strokes, breathing etc to practice or even playing in the bath to encourage a love of water!. The safety aspect was also very important to myself and the children learning this early on is a life skill that I feel is invaluable. Nice small class sizes and the added value of underwater photo shoot opportunities to record those important memories, enhance "Flippers & Fins" as a swim school. I would highly recommend "Flippers & Fins" as a swim school and have certainly enjoyed our experience, memories & fun!!


Lou Barns

The lovely Eve at flippers and fins has been teaching my kids for 4 years now both from 4 months old! Eve has a great way of making the lesson fun and enjoyable, and swimming with flippers and fins is the highlight of our week, not only do my children love it, but I also love it! both my children are confident and respectful of the water, and most importantly I feel they would both have the skills to keep their heads above water should they have a fall into deep water. I highly recommend flippers and fins! I wouldn’t dream of swimming my kids with any other swim school!